Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick, healthy salad

In my personal blog, I said I was going to eat more healthy and work out more now that the holidays are over. Today has been a success so far! Oatmeal for breakfast and a nice salad for lunch, pictured below. Here's what I put in my salad.. MMM!

Golden raisins
Small pieces of goat cheese
Sliced turkey meat
Ranch dressing

If I would've had sunflower seeds, they would've been incorporated, too. I like LOOOOVE sunflower seeds and raisins in salads.

Here's to a healthy 2011!


  1. That looks yummy, Ru! Good job!
    I just ate some garbanzo beans for lunch. haha

  2. Nice picture from my rinky-dink cell phone huh? haha Thanks :) It made my tummy happy since I said I'd eat fruits/nuts daily.