Wednesday, November 9, 2011

S'mores in the oven

S'mores in the oven

Who doesn't love s'mores? I absolutely love the warm, soft, gooey marshmallow and the hot, melted chocolate with the sweet graham crackers. To me, it's the easiest dessert to make that fills my tummy with joy!

My friend, Heather, shared the easy way of making them in your oven... here's how!

Graham crackers

Pre-heat oven to the "Low" setting on broil and get a cookie sheet prepared. No oil or spray is needed, just a dry pan.
Place both sides of the graham crackers down and put a marshmallow on one and the chocolate on the other one. Broil on low until the marshmallow is as dark as you like. I like mine slightly browned and gooey.
Mush, technical term, both of the sides together to make the s'more sandwich. Eat and enjoy! It's that simple!

Trust me.. when there is "nothing else to eat", this is the best thing to have! One is definitely enough but two are worth it!

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  1. gasp! i made the blog! and as a friend not a neighbor! lol