Monday, September 27, 2010


I needed something fast, easy and yummy! I had a few ingredients around and thought I'd try to make a quesadilla. This is a quick meal anyone can throw together.

This is how I made mine:
-Turn on the stove and start heating a pan big enough for your tortilla
-Put a nice slather of mashed beans on your tortilla. I had refried, cheesey beans (such a great flavor)
-Add a layer of cheese
-Add your protein. I had shredded meat in the fridge.
-Add another layer of cheese

You can put another tortilla on top or just fold the one tortilla in half. Flip until it's nice and brown. No need for oil or butter in the pan.

I put some cayenne pepper, lime juice and salt in my sour cream. YUMMO!

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