Thursday, November 24, 2011

Zone Diet Breakfast Burrito

Zone Diet Breakfast Burrito

I've been working out religiously since January of this year and have lost all of the weight I wanted to lose after having the baby. When we moved back from NC to FL, I met up with my old trainer who started his own Crossfit gym. Click here to check out his website. He introduced me to some amazing exercises and great eating. I noticed a change in myself about 1.5-2 weeks after eating properly using the Zone Diet. All the information about the Zone Diet can be found here and here. Check it out!

2 eggs, scrambled
1oz cheese
2 pieces of cooked bacon
1 medium tortilla
salt and pepper to taste
1tsp sour cream

Directions:Heat your griddle or pan and scramble your eggs. 

Once the eggs are cooked all the way, add them to your tortilla, cheese and bacon.

Roll your burrito ... like so ...

Do it like this so everything stays inside while you brown it on the griddle.

If you're in a rush, grab and go!

Place it on the griddle and brown on both sides. Keep it low or it can burn easily. It takes about 3 minutes per side. Don't walk off and forget to flip it!

Serve with full fat sour cream. I have contemplated using avocado inside but they haven't been on sale and I just cannot bring myself to pay $2.00 for one.

Eat and Enjoy!

Zone Diet Nutrition:
21G Protein from eggs and cheese
25G Carbs from tortilla (should have 27G so I'll grab a few pieces of grapes or cut a little bit off a banana)
6G Fat from bacon and sour cream

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