Sunday, April 22, 2012

Restaurant Review - Fisherman's Corner in Perdido, FL

I have been wanting to incorporate reviews of locally owned restaurants but didn't know where to start. So, here we go. I will be posting weekly and it probably won't be paleo since I like to cheat when I go out to eat.

I've eaten at Fisherman's Corner twice and the second time was amazing. The first time I went was last summer for breakfast and I hate buying breakfast out. It's irritating to me to pay $12+ for a $3 breakfast and I can't get over the money aspect of it but going out for lunch and dinner is my cup of tea.

Fisherman's Corner prepares each order as the ticket comes to the kitchen so there is a bit of patience that is needed but the wait is well worth it. My husband and I both ordered shrimp for dinner. I ordered a fried shrimp dinner with sauteed veggies and sweet potato fries and he ordered a shrimp po-boy with sweet potato fries. I was expecting maybe 10 shrimp but I think they gave me 20 or more and they were big and seasoned deliciously. Here's a picture of my plate...

My husband loves po-boys and always asks for extra shrimp and there's usually never enough on there to make him happy. He asked for shrimp and I think the shrimp god's poured out some delicious shrimp onto his sammich because it was loaded beautifully. There was plenty to share but we were both so hungry that we ate everything on our plates. Here's what he ordered..

The kids ordered chicken strips and a burger and were also great portions and were scarfed down in no time.

The wait staff  was busy but our drinks remained full and the check came at an appropriate time. The pricing was reasonable for the fresh food we recieved. There was live entertainment playing the keyboard which was much nicer than the typical elevator music playing or tropical music.

There's inside and outside seating so we chose to sit outside. We went at a good time because shortly after our order was in, the rest of the town was coming in for food. We typically eat early anyways so this worked out for us.

The food is great, so if you're able to get to Perdido, you've got to visit them. You won't be disappointed!

Here's a link to their information on urbanspoon.

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