Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perfect Paleo Plate!

Perfect Paleo Plate
(Say that fast 5 times!)

I am about to embark on a 30-day challenge by eating paleo. To sum it up, I will eat lean meats and fish, nuts, berries and fruit and veggies. I won't have any processed foods, wheat, corn, sugar etc. If the cavemen didn't eat it, I won't either. Eating this way for 30 days will help my body to heal from all the crap I put in it (and I eat pretty healthy too!). It will rid itself of all the toxins and hopefully clear up some persistent symptoms I have, including: acne, bloating near the end of the day, eczema and being a wee-bit tired by 9:00am.

My sister, her fiance and I will be blogging about our experience. (They have already started but I'm starting with my gym on January 15th). Click here to view the paleo blog! We are taking this challenge along with others at our crossfit gym and I'm pretty excited to see how everyone does. We get bloodwork done before and after, we will have pictures taken before and after and we will have measurements taken before and after. We also will take a strength test before and after so hopefully this "Whole eating challenge" will be beneficial. Anyway, click here to check out my Crossfit box and start eating healthier with me!

Recipe below for a paleo milkshake.

Ingredients for paleo shake:
Unsweetened coconut milk (The coconut milk in this picture is NOT paleo, so go buy some coconut milk in the can, please!)
1 cup unsweetened frozen blueberries (or whatever berries you have)
1 frozen banana

Add everything to a blender and blend away. Add as much of the unsweetened coconut milk as you like. Serve cold! Easy, right?

Recipe below for paleo eggs.

Three eggs
S&P (salt and pepper)
Olive Oil

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and crack your eggs while the pan is still cool. Take a spatula and start stirring your eggs seasoned with salt and pepper. I like scrambled eggs but I don't add any liquid to it. You can add a touch of water if you want to keep it paleo. Stir until eggs are cooked and remove from heat.

To keep with the zone diet I do (which is eating 21G protein, 27G carbs, and 6G fat for 3 meals a day), I have a complete zone-diet paleo plate.

It's easy. Just be creative and you can be as healthy as the rest of us. To read more about the zone diet, click on this link and then click the .pdf picture to the right.
To read more about Whole Eating, click on this link.
I looooove Crossfit so check out my local box here and check out the main crossfit website here.
Click here for our paleo blog!

Being healthy isn't boring. It's fun. It tastes good and it's going to make you be a better you!

Eat and Enjoy!


  1. proud of you. what a great challenge. I'll enjoy following along!

  2. Thanks Critt. I am anxious to see my bloodwork, since I've never had any done before and to see my before/after pictures.
    It should be challenging!

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