Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Planning - Week 1

Menu Planning.

I'll admit I never thought this idea would be a good idea until I actually tried it. I did it while I was working and it helped a ton, and then I had the baby, went on trips to FL/MI and basically quit doing it.

I started off by making columns with these headings: Meat, Bread, Veggies, Pasta. I realized once I broke it down that way and wrote down what was in my fridge/freezer/pantry, I could make an easy menu.

Here's how our food week will go, in no certain order:

~Chicken with rice-a-roni + a salad
~Shimp stir-fry with fried rice
~Stuffed shells + salad + bread
~BBQ pork tenderloin sandwiches + corn + green beans
~Chuck roast + red potatoes + carrots
~Leg of lamb + butter/garlic noodles + asparagus

Out of all of these dinners, the only things I need to purchase is asparagus and ricotta cheese. Can't wait to share my meals with you!

I am going to try to make artisan bread and hope it's as good as this pictures looks.

Do you do any type of menu planning?

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